Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sumpit?

Sumpit is a sensor that continuously monitors the lonely and mostly forgotten sump pump and basin found in the basement of many homes. If Sumpit detects a problem, it alerts you immediately via push notification to your phone.

Why would I want Sumpit?

Sumpit is all about peace of mind. Sumpit is the most comprehensive solution available to consumers for sump pump monitoring. It includes the revolutionary “Continuous Depth Measurement” feature; a combination of hardware and software innovation that tracks abnormalities in water depth.

Is it possible that my basement will flood even if I have a Sumpit?

Yes. While Sumpit will notify you immediately and hopefully allow you to take preventative action, it is only a sensor. It does not control your pump in any way. Sumpit is an important component of a complete basement water mitigation solution designed by a qualified contractor.

How do I set it up?

The Sumpit is simple to install, you don’t need to hire a professional. The unit comes with detailed installation instructions and our support team is available to answer any questions or problems that arise while installing the unit.

In order to install the Sumpit, you place the “anchor” in your sump pit. Next, you plug the Sumpit unit into the outlet that your sump pump is already plugged in to. You then plug your sump pump directly into the Sumpit unit.

Once the Sumpit unit is installed, you connect to it via Wi-Fi using Sumpit’s simple iOS application. Once it is connected, you don’t have to interact with the unit itself -- it will simply monitor your sump basin water level and pump alerting you by push notification. if it detects a problem.

How does the sensor work?

The Sumpit sensor uses air pressure to monitor the your sump pit. As the water in the sump pit increases and decreases the air pressure in the air tube connecting the anchor to the Sumpit unit changes.

What will Sumpit notify me about?

How will Sumpit notify me if it detects a potential issue?

During the beta program, Sumpit will notify you via push notifications to your phone. Future releases will allow for the option of email and SMS notifications.

What if my Wifi or my power goes out?

We will alert you within 15 minutes.

Do you support Android?

For the beta release, Sumpit only supports iOS. Future releases will include Android support.

How much does a Sumpit cost?

Please contact us at and we'll connect you with a distributor.

Will I ever have to replace it?

No! The Sumpit is meant to be installed permanently.

Why is Sumpit better than other options for sump pump monitoring?

Can you tell me some stories about sump pumps?

Well, if you want to have nightmares: Sump pump stories

How is Sumpit different than leak detectors?

Something else?

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